At first there was a play with expectations. A scrutinize of the common opinions how things should be, what is right and what is wrong and the fascination of the unexpected. Erdkugel (=earth globe) negates the expectations of how plants in your home are growing by removing the typical flower bucket, the plastic waste and the gravity.It creates its own cosmos which grants a 360° growth while free hanging by being still fully functional for small plants like kitchen spices. Regarding the progress of overpopulation the Erdkugel saves important space at home and allows plants growing also in small households. In the beginning there is just a meager and sterile planet which slightly evolves into a green paradise full of life. Every grown centimeter is fascinating. It allows the observer a completely new sight on one of the most normal things at all and guides him to a path where you struggle with your own expectations.


Leander Thiel

Exhibited at DESIGNHOCH16, 2016, Hanover and Ventura Lambrate, 2016, Milan

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