Airtight is an inflatable, reusable transport packaging that is which ensures a high level of protection of the content by flexible air membranes. It is lighter than cardboard, requires no packing material, and accommodates items of any shape.

The parcel is designed for the shipment of goods, which is particularly suitable for fragile and delicate items. It can be opened with a zipper to put the goods inside. Afterwards the parcel can be inflated by mouth or compressor through the valve. The inside is filled with air and encloses the delivery object, so it is always kept in the center of the package. The shipping label seals the zipper and the valve. After the delivery of the package, it can be deflated to send it back – as small as a letter. Otherwise it can be re-inflated to return the goods. The packaging doesn’t need any further wrapping material and it can be reused several times.

Team-project together with Christine Baumann at FHNW Basel.

Jan Christian Schulz


Exhibited at Look, FHNW Basel, 2015

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